Cleveland Browns

The New Browns Logo Looks Like The Old Browns Logo Just More Orange


The Cleveland Browns promised a new logo and on Tuesday, they delivered…in disappointing fashion.

The Browns displayed a new logo that looked a lot like their previous logo expect featuring a darker orange hue, brown facemask, and mean looking dog.

The paragons of virtue, also known as the Internet community, went to work quickly to shame Cleveland’s logo attempt.

And then there’s this…

Its much ado about nothing but it’s a perfect summation of the Browns during the offseason. It’s been a horror show for them since the end of the 2014 season.

Johnny Manziel is in rehab; Josh Gordon is gone (perhaps for good); and the team is embroiled in an illegal texting scandal that may result in discipline from the league.

It will get better Cleveland but you have to meet the sports world halfway, you know?

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