Indianapolis Colts

Unsure How To Beat Patriots, Colts Request Touchdowns Potentially Worth Nine Points


Kudos to the Indianapolis Colts for signing a slew of players during the offseason in an attempt to dethrone the Super Bowl champion New England Patriots from their perch atop the AFC.

However, their pursuit may have reached comical levels on Wednesday. Prior to next week’s owners meetings, the Colts submitted a rule change that would potentially allow touchdowns to be worth nine points.

Here’s the breakdown:

1. Score a touchdown.

2. Following touchdown, successfully convert two-point conversion.

3. Receive a bonus kick from midfield that would account for the ninth point.

This sounds revolutionary, right?

Well, yes in theory it is.

However, it smacks more of the “everybody gets a trophy” syndrome. Nine points for a touchdown?

That’s crazy.

At this rate, why not make it 10? Let’s just totally erase games where teams play dreadful football only to recover by “making games closer” and scoring nine point plays.

No thanks, I’ll pass…and so should the league.

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