Indianapolis Colts

The Colts Want Your Expired Prescription Drugs For A Team DVD

IrsayColtsOne has to wonder what goes on in board rooms and offices where decisions like the Indianapolis Colts made today.

The Colts announced they will be collecting unused and expired prescription drugs on August 9. In exchange for the meds, fans will receive a DVD copy of the Colts’ 2014 highlight program called “Knocking on the Door.”

Indy’s choice to run this promotion is somewhat bananas considering Colts owner Jim Irsay’s history with pills. Irsay was arrested after being pulled over with a briefcase full of pills and cash back in March 2014.

In other news, no truth to the rumor this year’s Colts DVD will be renamed “Whistleblowers: The Team That Forced America To Learn About PSI.”

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