New England Patriots

You Better Give Tom Brady White Pool Covers

BradyWhiteThe NFLPA released Tom Brady’s testimony from the June appeal of his four-game suspension in the Deflategate case on Tuesday.

Also, Brady’s legal team submitted personal e-mails from the three-time Super Bowl MVP that ranged from the most boring things you’ve ever read to comical.

Besides stating he would play far longer than arch-rival Peyton Manning, Brady is worried about other things in October including white pool covers.

In an exchange with Ben Rawitz, one of his handlers, Brady took umbrage to his pool maintenance crew utilizing white pool covers:


Alright, nearly $9,000 for a pool cover is a bit excessive but that’s the life of the rich and famous. Brady has a legit question though:

PoolCover5Good question, TB. There has to be a logical answer for this, right?

PoolCover1Uh oh. Somebody is angry:


The dragon is awake! Interestingly enough, there is a logical explanation for this:

PoolCover6The big guy accepts the explanation and is ready for a new issue.

PoolCover7 Eventually, Brady requests a white pool cover:

PoolCover13However, Brady receives some terrible news…NO WHITE POOL COVER:

PoolCover8Time to go HAM, Tom:

PoolCover9Brady’s search for a white pool cover is snuffed by another powerful entity:

PoolCover10Of course, “G” means Gisele decided. And just like that, it was over.

I mean, can you blame Tom? Would you say no to this:


My favorite part about this is the e-mail chain took place during New England’s layoff after a Thursday night game with the Jets.

This guy is in the middle of a season where he goes on to win a fourth Super Bowl and he is in a death match over pool covers.

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