New England Patriots

Roger Goodell Thinks Deflategate Is One Big Laugh

GoodellLaughThe Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2015 received their gold jacket on Thursday night at a special ceremony in Canton, Ohio.

While the group should have been the show, the leader of The Shield™ indirectly made the proceedings about himself.

Ron Wolf, former GM of the Green Bay Packers, headed to the stage to put on his gold jacket while Roger Goodell waited on stage for him.

Upon arriving to the stage, Wolf remarked to Goodell “way to go on that Brady thing.” Following the comment, Goodell unleashed a laugh that is normally only reserved for the Sexual Chocolate scene in Coming to America.

Goodell exploded in laughter at Wolf’s statement. Clearly, there are two questions after observing this video:

  1. Was Goodell able to even hear what Wolf said? We all react to people when they don’t know what they are saying by simply laughing. It’s normally the safe play.
  2. Was Wolf complimenting him or insulting him? Well, Wolf commented late Friday that he was definitely serious about his remark.

If Goodell is indeed laughing at this Deflategate, he is even more tone deaf than we possibly imagined. Then again, we should not be shocked by anything that comes out of the NFL offices these days.

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