Geno Smith

Geno Smith Post-Fight Instagram Photo Shows Cris Carter Is Correct

GenoSmithA few eyebrows were raised on Tuesday when Cris Carter stated that Geno Smith getting sucker-punched and suffering a broken jaw was a “lack of leadership” on the part of the New York Jet quarterback.

When I originally heard Carter’s comments, I thought it was a bit harsh until his Instagram account popped up on my phone:

That photo of Smith looks like a pouty seven-year-old that didn’t get there way. More alarmingly, if I got my jaw broken by a teammate, one of my initial reactions will not be to get on Instagram and post a photo of myself.

Carter is onto something. It’s pretty evident that Smith is not a leader.

What NFL locker room would have someone flatten their starting quarterback just weeks away from the beginning of the regular season?

If someone walked up to Peyton Manning and punched him weeks before opening day, what would happen to that guy besides getting released?

Prison time? On the back of a milk carton? Or an NFL equivalent of this?

The point is players don’t react this negatively to guys they respect. It’s evident there is a lack of respect for Geno Smith in the Jets’ locker room.

After this incident, his reputation may not be salvageable.

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