Philadelphia Eagles

Tim Tebow Makes Inconsistent Eagles Debut And Scores TD

TebowEagles2The Philadelphia Eagles mauled the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday afternoon, 36-10, in front of a lively crowd at Lincoln Financial Field.

One of the day’s highlights came when Tim Tebow made his long-awaited debut as an Eagles quarterback. Entering the day as the third-string quarterback (behind Mark Sanchez and Matt Barkley), Tebow provided an uneven effort including a couple of sacks. He finished 6 of 12 for 89 yards and rushed four times for 15 yards with a seven-yard scoring dash.

Upon his entry into the game, Eagles fans gave him a standing ovation. Thus, at the very least, Eagles fans have found another fan favorite.

Unless Tebow can find a way to supplant Matt Barkley, it’s hard to envision him getting a roster spot on the Eagles. Then again, it’s Tebow and prevailing wisdom typically flies out of the window.

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