Dallas Cowboys

Coming Attraction: Live Blog – Giants At Cowboys: Hip To Be Square

OdellCatchInstead of clubbing people over the head with biased Tom Brady & Bill Belichick live-blogging to open the season, I’ve opted for a change of pace by attacking the first true Sunday Night Football game of the season.***

The Dallas Cowboys host the New York Giants for the first time since the Odell Beckham Jr. catch that rocked the world. Incredibly, people totally forget that the Giants actually lost that game.

Anyhow, live-blogging is back…Jerry Jones’ second hip surgery and Eli Manning, the squarest quarterback in the land, be damned. It’s “Hip to be Square.”

***EDITOR’S NOTE: The only real reason there wasn’t a live blog on Thursday was due to my brother failing to register for a fantasy draft one night earlier. We had to draft during Steelers/Patriots. Thanks bro…

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