Seattle Seahawks

Fred Jackson Denies Drag Racing Playing A Role In Car Accident

Detroit Lions v Seattle SeahawksOh boy.

The 2-4 Seattle Seahawks have enough on their plate at the moment.

After Tuesday’s practice, Fred Jackson crashed his car in Renton, Washington. Jackson’s car struck a nearby box and a stop sign. Reports from TMZ originally surfaced that Marshawn Lynch took Jackson on a drag racing excursion.

However, local authorities stated that Lynch did not appear to have anything to do with Jackson’s crash. The former Buffalo Bill star took to Twitter to dispel any notion that Lynch had something to do with Tuesday’s incident:

According to TMZ Sports, eyewitness tell quite a different story. Obviously, implicating Lynch in any wrongdoing creates another massive headache for the Seahawks.

It would add to their considerable woes as one of the NFL’s most disappointing teams this season.

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