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If The Playoffs Started Today: The Andrew Luck Is Mangled Edition

Andrew LuckWord came out of Indianapolis on Tuesday that quarterback Andrew Luck will miss between two to six weeks with an assortment of injuries including a lacerated kidney (ouch) and a partial abdominal tear (double ouch).

Matt Hasselbeck will take the reigns once again for the injured Luck.

Despite Luck’s ailments, I still like Indy to win the division. Who do you trust? Brian Hoyer or a guy who led a team to a Super Bowl albeit a bit long in the tooth (Hasselbeck)?

The Colts are going to be in the AFC playoffs for what might feel like 15 seconds but considering the alternative, I think they’ll happily sign up for that at this rate.

Meanwhile, the NFC finds Minnesota slowly but surely climbing their way up the ranks…


#1 – New England Patriots  (AFC East champion, bye)

#2 – Cincinnati Bengals (AFC North champion, bye)

#3 – Denver Broncos (AFC West champion)

#4 – Indianapolis Colts (AFC South champion)

#5  – New York Jets (Wild Card)

#6 –  Pittsburgh Steelers (Wild Card)


#1 –  Carolina Panthers  (NFC South champion, bye)

#2 – Green Bay Packers (NFC North champion, bye)

#3 – Arizona Cardinals (NFC West champion)

#4 – New York Giants (NFC East champion)

#5 – Minnesota Vikings (Wild Card)

#6 – Atlanta Falcons (Wild Card)



SATURDAY, JANUARY 9 @ 4:30PM – #6 Atlanta Falcons at #3 Arizona Cardinals (NBC)

SATURDAY, JANUARY 9 @ 8:00PM – #6 Pittsburgh Steelers at #3 Denver Broncos (NBC)

SUNDAY, JANUARY 10 @ 1:00PM – #5 New York Jets at #4 Indianapolis Colts (CBS)

SUNDAY, JANUARY 10 @ 4:30PM – #5 Minnesota Vikings at #4 New York Giants (FOX)


SATURDAY, JANUARY 16 @ 4:30PM – DEN/INDY/NYJ at #2 Cincinnati (NBC)

SATURDAY, JANUARY 16 @ 8PM – ARI/NYG/MIN at #2 Green Bay (FOX)

SUNDAY, JANUARY 17 @ 1PM – NYG/MIN/ATL at #1 Carolina (FOX)

SUNDAY, JANUARY 17 @ 4:30PM – IND/NYJ/PIT at #1 New England (CBS)

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