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It Appears Carson Palmer Crotch-Chopped Seahawks Fans

CarsonPalmer3Carson Palmer led the Arizona Cardinals to a big road win in Seattle on Sunday night. After the win, Arizona now sports a 7-2 record and owns a three-game lead in the NFC West.

As the game’s final moments ran down, Palmer made sure to let the fans of Seattle know how he felt about his team’s important road victory.

It appears that Palmer did a modified crotch chop to the 12’s. It’s kind of weird seeing Palmer, a 35-year-old man, crotch chopping people. It would be like seeing your Dad or a mid 2000s version of Degeneration X doing it.

Palmer has a long way to go before he approaches Cam Newton levels of belittling opponents and opposing fans.

It would appear that Palmer is far more cooler than backup quarterback Drew Stanton, who channeled a celebration from the 1950s during the contest.

Come on Drew Stanton. That’s embarrassing.

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