Cam Newton

Cam Newton Earned Some Street Cred With His Dab Celebration

NewtonDabThe Carolina Panthers moved to 9-0 after a solid 27-10 win over the Tennessee Titans. However, Cam Newton managed to draw the ire of the Titans defense.

Newton scored on a short touchdown run during the second half and then, proceeded to launch into one of his usual post-score celebrations.

Newton’s celebration, a dance called the “Dab”, caught the attention of Titans linebacker Avery Williamson. Undeterred by Williamson’s anger, Newton dabbed twice more after the initial confrontation.

I’ll give Newton credit. He acts like a kid sometimes but whatever he is doing works. His teammates are all in on what Newton is selling.

After the game, Newton simply said if you want him to stop, keep him out of the end zone.

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