San Francisco 49ers

Here Is A Video Of Jerry Rice Dropping Balls For 10 Minutes

In what might be one of the greatest wastes of time in modern history, someone decided to perform Jerry Rice shaming by posting a 10-minute video of him dropping passes.

The individual who posted the video goes by the handle of “Midnight BB.” It’s easy to figure that this is a disgruntled Patriots fan or devout 49ers hater. Amazingly, this is the lone video he posted.

Arguably the greatest football player of all-time, Rice admitted to using stickum during his playing days in a story that popped up last February.

Rice’s admission came on the heels of America beginning its lengthy love/hate relationship with Deflategate.

The best part of this video is towards the tail end when Rice is getting in the face of then 49ers head coach Steve Mariucci. A young Terrell Owens steps in to be a voice of reason with little success.

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