Bill Belichick

Bill Belichick Leads One Of The Most Uncomfortable Postgame Pressers Ever


After Tom Brady hit Brandon Bolden on a 63-yard touchdown pass in the fourth quarter, it seemed New England was headed towards an 11th straight win to start the season.

Instead, a turnover, questionable officiating, and an injury to Rob Gronkowski led to New England’s demise in Denver.

Following their 30-24 overtime loss, Patriots head coach Bill Belichick was not in the mood to answer dumb questions.

The press conference began with Belichick awkwardly standing at the podium, awaiting questions.

Of course, Belichick was questioned about the game’s awful officiating and in particular, the definition of offensive pass interference. His answer was telling.

“Talk to the league … I am sure they have all the answers on that.”

Oh man.

However, the true theme of the press conference centered around the Gronkowski injury.

One reporter asked Belichick for his emotions after seeing Gronkowski go down.

A “what do you think?” and a death stare later, and this press conference chartered in all-time territory.

I can’t imagine what Belichick would be like if his team was under-performing like one of these 5-6 lightweights.

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