Minnesota Vikings

Seahawks/Vikings Set To Be One Of The Coldest Games In NFL History

BridgeWilsonWhile the Seahawks are considered to be this year’s “TEAM THAT NOBODY WANTS TO PLAY” on the NFC side this postseason, it appears they will have to brave some extremely frigid conditions on Sunday to advance. When the Seahawks visit the Minnesota Vikings, the high is expected to be 1 degree on Sunday.

Yes, the number 1. Meanwhile, the low will range near 10 degrees…below zero.

Should it happen, the frosty weather will be the coldest game in Vikings playoff history.

The coldest game in Vikings history took place back in 1972. The Bears visited the Vikings when the game-temperature hovered at -2 degrees.

Of course, Sunday’s temps will be a ways off from the coldest game in NFL history.

That honor goes to the infamous 1967 NFL title game – best known as The Ice Bowl – between the Dallas Cowboys and Green Bay Packers. Game-time temps hit -13 degrees with a windchill of -48.

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