Cincinnati Bengals

Footage Shows Vontaze Burfict Driving Knee Into Ben Roethlisberger’s Injured Throwing Shoulder

BigBenCincyRemember the hit on Saturday night that caused Ben Roethlisberger to leave the game?

During the second half of last night’s Steelers/Bengals blood war, Bengals linebacker Vontaze Burfict knocked Roethlisberger out the game for a spell with a legal hit after landing on the quarterback’s shoulder.

New footage shows an angle after the play where Burfict knees Roethlisberger in his right shoulder following the hit.

Burfict would have been a great member of the famous wrestling quartet, the Four Horsemen.

Much like the Horsemen, if you’re going to injure someone delibrately, keep focusing on that body part.

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  1. he needs to be fined and suspended for a minimum of 4 games starting next season for that hit and the hit on Antonio Brown. There is no place for little angry bullies in the NFL and it is about time the league stands up to players like him.

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