Carolina Panthers

The Carolina Panthers Trolled Russell Wilson & The Seahawks Pretty Hard Yesterday


Prior to the start of Sunday’s NFC Divisional playoff game between the Seattle Seahawks and Carolina Panthers, the home team needed to get hyped and perhaps, throw the opponent off-guard.

The Panthers played six songs from rap artist Future throughout the stadium before the start of Sunday’s game.

Alas, you may be wondering what does Future have to do with the NFL playoffs.

Future was engaged and is the father of a child with the pop singer Ciara, who is currently dating Russell Wilson.

So, this was all one big coincidence right?

Check out this dance sack from Carolina’s Tre Boston of Wilson during the first half.


That dance stems from a Future’s ‘Where Ya At” video.

The ribbing of Wilson set the tone for a 31-0 first half lead for the Panthers before hanging on for a seven-point meeting.

Following the game, the Panthers’ social media account turned their attention to Seahawks fan Rainn Wilson. The former Office star played Dwight Shrute on the popular TV program.

Wilson tweeted about the “inevitable” Super Bowl rematch between the Patriots and Seahawks:

Eventually, the Panthers shut him down too.

Overall, it was not a great day for Seahawks fans.

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