San Francisco 49ers

Here Are 10 San Francisco Suit Shops New 49ers Head Coach Chip Kelly Could Have Used


New San Francisco 49ers head coach Chip Kelly was introduced to the media on Wednesday.

While being hired nearly a week ago, a press conference had been seemingly delayed for unspecified reasons…until today.

When asked why it took so long for Kelly’s formal introduction to take place, the answer was bizarre.

Kelly blamed the delay on not having any clothes following his arrival.

That’s right.

A millionaire basically claimed he had no access to clothes that would be suitable (pun intended) to wear at a press conference.

Also, he added that he didn’t want to miss his father’s 87th birthday.

Clearly, Chip should have started and ended with Dad/B-day excuse and stopped there.

Not having any clothes?

Does anyone reasonable believe that Kelly could not get a suit together sooner?

Cut it out.

However, I’m here to help.

The next time Kelly is in a bind in San Francisco for a suit, here are a few spots he can go:

  1. Macy’s
  2. Proper Suit
  3. Saks Fifth Avenue
  4. Ted Baker
  5. JAKE
  6. Couture
  7. Beckett & Robb
  8. Artful Gentlemen
  9. Brooks Brothers
  10. Hugo Boss

All of these places are in San Francisco and easily accessible by visiting SFist online.

For what it’s worth, I have a conspiracy theory about this.

I truly believe Kelly didn’t want to be introduced until the Eagles introduced Doug Pederson. That way, Kelly had a chance to dispel any question marks about his abilities and control the narrative. For example, some of the assembled media referenced points in the Eagles/Pederson presser yesterday including a remark made regarding Kelly’s emotional intelligence.

I can totally see Kelly wanting the last word heading into the off-season.

Mission accomplished.

Now, go buy another suit!

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