Washington Redskins

New Redskins Stadium Proposal Features Moat


The Washington Redskins are the early clubhouse winners for any “Worst Idea of the Year” awards after displaying a potential stadium design on Monday.

With their lease expiring in 2027, the Redskins hired the Bjarke Ingels Group for work on a new stadium.

BIG came up with a design that includes a moat. Yes, you read correctly. A MOAT.

What could possibly go wrong?

Based off a description from Redskins.com, nothing…nothing at all:

The image above, released by CBS, shows a slightly transparent wave-like structure surrounded by a moat for kayakers along with parks and bridges for tailgaters and fans.

This will lead to all sorts of hi-jinx including vomiting in the moat, people falling from the bridge in the moat, urinating in the moat, dumping beers in the moat and people attempting to have sex in the moat.

The best part of this is someone thinks it’s a great idea to place a moat in a southeastern part of the nation.

Thus, there is a decent chance the moat will turn into an ice skating rink at some point.

What a terrible (code for great) idea.

Washington has been playing in FedEx Field since 1997.

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