Baltimore Ravens

Clearly, The Ravens Are Still Upset About Patriots Loss; Have Weirdo Rule Change Proposal

HarbaughBelichickIt has been over a year since the Baltimore Ravens blew two 14-point leads to the New England Patriots in the AFC Divisional playoffs.

After making a strange rule proposal on Thursday, it appears they aren’t ready to let go of it just yet.

Since the Ravens were foiled by Bill Belichick’s “Ineligible Receiver Playcalls of Doom”, they are kindly requesting that receivers becoming eligible or ineligible wear jersey vests with the appropriate numbers.

In other words, if an offensive linemen is eligible, he should wear a number in the 80s (similar to a receiver)or if a running back or tight end is ineligible, they should wear jersey vets with the numbers 50-79 (in step with numbers worn by offensive linemen).

This is why we can’t have nice things. The New England Patriots took full advantage of the rules and now, the Ravens are trying to counter with one of the worst rule ideas of all-time.

We playing flag football now?

The Shield™ will not approve of this.

In related news, the Ravens had one other logical proposal. They want teams to have three challenges and expand reviewable plays.

At least that is logical.

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