Devout Steelers Fan, Chip Kelly Hater Snoop Dogg To Enter WWE Hall Of Fame

Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg will join the immortals of the WWE Hall of Fame on Saturday night when the rapper is inducted into the celebrity wing of the sports entertainment company’s hallowed halls.

Believe or not, Snoop Dogg has made numerous appearances on WWE television over the years including a prominent role at WrestleMania XXIV for a Divas match.

Also, Snoop is known in NFL circles as a huge Pittsburgh Steelers fan. How big you ask?

He has numerous epic Instagram rants to his credit. For example, last December Snoop cursed out Chip Kelly and suggested the coach kill himself due to a fantasy football loss.

Of course, when the Steelers aren’t taking care of business, Snoop has to tighten them up too. Just ask kicker Josh Scobee, who failed to deliver the bacon for Pittsburgh earlier this season:

Anyhow, Snoop will be in Dallas for not only his WWE Hall of Fame Induction but he may also play a role in the Divas title match involving his cousin Sasha Banks.

SashaWMIt has been rumored that Snoop Dogg will participate in The Boss’ entrance to the ring at AT&T Stadium on Sunday.

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