The WrestleMania 32 Happy (& Unhappy) Recap


A WWE record 101,673 fans piled into AT&T Stadium in Dallas/Arlington for WrestleMania 32 on Sunday night

Incredibly, the main show lasted NINE MINUTES SHORT OF FIVE HOURS!!!!!!!!! Thus, there is a lot to comb over and examine.

Alas, let’s take a look at why you, the wrestling consumer, should be happy and why you should be unhappy.


  • The Women’s Title Match: To me, this was the top thing on the show. From WWE Hall of Famer Lita announcing during the pre-show that the Divas Title was going to be retired for the new Women’s title belt to the entrances to the match itself, the whole positioning of women’s wrestling was aces. I have zero problem with Charlotte retaining. It’s a triple threat. If I booked wrestling matches, I’d rarely change the title in triple threat matches. Let the champ retain and setup for a one-on-one feud between Charlotte and Sasha Banks (sorry Becky). The match itself was the best on the entire show. Oh and this was pretty ballin’ too:

  • SCSA: Due to the plethora of injuries, a lot of the booking and decision-making for Mania seemed a little unusual. One decision was for the dreaded League of Nations to get the duke over the wildly popular New Day. Following the match, Wade Barrett took the mic to extol the virtues of the League of Nations. What they got next was the return of Shawn Michaels, Mick Foley, and of course, the star of stars – Stone Cold Steve Austin. After a beatdown of the LON, Austin shucked and jived with New Day for a few moments before delivering a third Stunner on the day – the final going to Xavier Woods.
  • The New Day: Seriously, when will you ever see someone enter the ring by virtue of a 20-foot cereal box of Booty-Os?
  • The IC Title Ladder Match: I loved the performances of Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens and hope they continue their feud on the WWE platform. Incredibly, Zack Ryder stole the show…and the title. I’m guessing his title run will not last past the week.


  • Dean Ambrose vs. Brock Lesnar: This match was the biggest disappointment of the night. I’ll get to the reasons why momentarily. It was a glorified squash match. Ambrose just never came off as a credible threat to me. In the weeks leading up, so much attention was paid to Ambrose going balls to the wall, and then the match happened. Then, he got steamrolled basically. Back to the mid-card Dean-o.
  • Spotfest In (and Out) A Cell: Ah, the reason for the somewhat lame Ambrose/Lesnar match? I think they wanted to save the craziness for Undertaker vs. Shane. Therefore, it would be far more meaningful when something wild happened. Of course, everyone and their grandmother that attended the show live will remember Shane’s leap off the top of the cage. However, is it really wise to sacrifice one match in order to prop up this storyline?
  • The Rock vs. The Wyatt Family: Dude, I don’t like the Wyatt Family in part because WWE keeps telling us these guys are important and they haven’t really won a meaningful feud in a long time. You know what doesn’t help that? Having The Rock (and later John Cena) bitchslap them on the mic and in the ring. Clearly, something is wrong with Bray enough to where he isn’t getting physically involved matches. I don’t know how to fix them other than giving them a hard reset.
  • The Main Event:  I don’t care that Roman Reigns won the WWE title. It was going to happen. Yet, the fact that your “top face” is getting heavily booed nearly from bell to bell doesn’t make for a good look. I blame the creative end of things. When Triple H does these crazy entrances why would people want to boo that? Why would people want to boo the guy running NXT? It just didn’t make much sense. The match felt like it went nowhere until Stephanie took the spear from Reigns. In the end, whether we like or not, it’s Roman Reigns’ world now and we clearly living square in it.

Overall, I’d give the show a B. The Women’s Title bout, Styles-Jericho, and the IC title match carried the day. The strange and heel-friendly booking will likely be explained tonight in some manner…I think, I hope.

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