Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys Give A Jersey To The Undertaker And His Shiny New Black Eye

TakerDallasAs per usual come WrestleMania season, The Undertaker will be one of the chief headliners on Sunday when WrestleMania 32 arrives to AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

Prior to his match with Shane McMahon in Hell in a Cell on Sunday, The Undertaker – a big Dallas Cowboys fan and Texas native – received a Cowboys jersey from the team on Friday.

The picture celebrating The Undertaker’s gift featured something very interesting though. The Deadman is sporting a new black eye courtesy of a battle on Monday Night Raw with Shane-O-Mac in the lead-up to their ‘Mania battle.

Evidently, a blow to the head with a monitor or fist caused The Undertaker to suffer a black eye.

Nonetheless, he’ll be ready to rip McMahon limb from limb on Sunday.

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