Roger Goodell

Here Is What A New NFL Playoff System Should Look Like


NFL head honcho Roger Goodell recently told Jacksonville Jaguars ticket holders that the league is looking at expanding the NFL postseason.

Goodell stated his desire to expand the playoffs in front of a town hall meeting with Jaguars season ticket holders.

“It’s a tough one. And the reason I say that is it works so well right now. We have 12 teams that qualify for the playoffs and what it does is it’s not just the number of teams in the playoffs, it’s what it does to our regular season. I think that’s what makes the NFL great is every game means so much. That game means a great deal. You don’t ever want to lose that.

He went on to say that it is “likely” that the postseason will be expanded at some point.

If they are going to expand the playoffs, there is only one way to do it. Add two teams, one for each conference. Then, award a bye to only the top seeded team in each conference.

Here is what the 2015 NFL playoffs would have looked like under this format:


First Round:

#1 Denver (bye)

#5 Kansas City at #4 Houston

#7 NY Jets at #2 New England

#6 Pittsburgh at #3 Cincinnati


First Round:

#1 Carolina (bye)

#5 Green Bay at #4 Washington

#7 Atlanta at #2 Arizona

#6 Seattle at #3 Minnesota

Much like the divisional round now, you would just re-seed after the opening round.

There are three notable issues with adding teams under this format. First, when do you play these games? I’d think the league would stay on the Saturday/Sunday run and just incorporate their usual 1/4:45/8:30 start time practice on wild-card weekend.

The second problem is the last team to get in. It’s quite possible the extra playoff team is going to suck.

Last season, it appeared the Jets would have been a somewhat formidable AFC foe. Meanwhile, Atlanta would have likely lost to Arizona by 40.

Lastly, the top seed in each conference might be able to moonwalk into the Super Bowl. It’s certainly possible that more top seeds would land in the Super Bowl.

More football is great but adding two playoff teams is definitely a mixed bag at best.

I vote no but if it has to happen (which it probably will) then I don’t say another way to do it without dismantling the integrity of the playoffs.

Let’s hope this doesn’t turn into the NBA or NHL playoffs.

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