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According To Donald Trump, Rex Ryan Has Two Championships

I really do love American politics. However, the 2016 Presidential election is one of the biggest clusterf’s of all-time. Almost nothing related to it makes sense.

Perhaps nobody symbolizes that quite like presidential candidate Donald J. Trump. Our latest Trump adventure found him in Buffalo, New York on Monday night.

Trump’s special guest to introduce him to the Buffalo natives? None other than Bills head coach Rex Ryan.

A Ryan-Trump affiliation almost makes too much sense. Both are loud, obnoxious, and full of hot air on numerous occasions.

Trump is no stranger to the NFL and its notable figures. We know that Trump once tried to purchase the Buffalo Bills. He is tied to numerous NFL power brokers including Patriots owner Robert Kraft, Bill Belichick, and Tom Brady.

With his NFL ties, you’d think he would have some general grasp of football knowledge. For example, who wins Super Bowls and what not.

Following Ryan’s introduction, Trump heaped the accolades atop the career of Ryan.

“He won championships in New York, AFC I think twice,” Trump said.


Ryan has zero championships. In fact, he didn’t win the AFC East in either year his team appeared in the AFC title game. Of course, Ryan led the Jets to two consecutive AFC Championship game appearances in 2009 and ’10…and that was it.

DONALD, DO YOUR DAMN HOMEWORK. You’re running to be the leader of the free world!

Full disclosure. I’d rather have someone know how many championships an NFL coach has to his credit rather than constructing an $8 billion wall to keep immigrants out of the country.

I want my President to be educated and not a mark for himself.

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  1. Bills fans should have pelted Trump with chicken bones. Do we forget how he was less than gracious when the Pegula family out-bid him for the franchise? Guy was a sore loser back then; is a sore loser now; and will forever be a sore loser. #NeverTrump

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