#DefendTheWall: Kevin Faulk Wears Tom Brady Jersey On Stage To Announce Patriots Draft Pick


Kevin Faulk is one of the most underrated New England Patriots of all-time. However, he may have catapulted near the top of the charts after his performance during the 2016 NFL Draft on Friday night.

Faulk, a former teammate of Tom Brady from 2000 to 2011, announced one of the Patriots three third round draft picks on Friday evening.

Incredibly, Faulk got by the powers that be while wearing a Tom Brady jersey on stage. As he announced New England’s selection, he said “the New England Patriots and Tom Brady select…”

Savage maneuver. Clearly, Faulk is not pleased with the treatment of his former teammate.

Perhaps the best part of this is that Troy Vincent – the administer of Brady’s discipline – sat back and helplessly watched.

When he returned moments later, Faulk was sans jersey. Yet, mission accomplished. Somewhere, Roger Goodell was gnashing his teeth.

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