Jacksonville Jaguars

Delusional Jaguars Fan Loves Draft; Says They “Took It To The Limit”

If I could sump up the 2016 NFL Draft in one video, this might be it. The Jacksonville Jaguars have been lauded by numerous outlets for their stellar draft last week.

A local Jacksonville TV station caught up with a longtime Jaguars fan, who wasn’t surprised how well the team did.

She claimed that Jaguars “took it to the limit” when they entered the league 20 years ago. However, because they played by the rules, haven’t enjoyed the success that other teams have thus far.

Hmmm…what are you trying to say lady?

Anyways, quietly sum younger teams are starting to put things together. Good for the Jaguars. Also, we’ve got to get this lady here own radio show or podcast.

I will pay top dollar to get her on my podcast.

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