Here’s To You, Andre The Giant

Thursday would have been the 70th birthday of the late and legendary wrestling figure Andre the Giant.

Word came out on Thursday that a biopic will be made about the larger than life giant. Andre passed away at just 46 years old in 1993 due to heart failure.

When Andre was in his prime, he feuded with the likes of Big John Studd. He was a greatly effective athlete. Despite his size, he managed to be able to jump off the top rope from time to time.

Just ask Studd, who took the brunt of a few top rope Andre dives in his day.

The Giant’s masterpiece in the ring came in 1987 and ’88 when he feuded with then WWF champion Hulk Hogan over the title. That series included the 1988 Main Event match on NBC, which is the most watched match in wrestling history.

Andre was one of the greatest ever.

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