Dallas Cowboys

An iPhone Has Started The Fall Of The 2016 Dallas Cowboys

iPhone.jpgThe first shoe has dropped for the 2016 Dallas Cowboys…or should I say iPhone?

Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett revealed that veteran running back Darren McFadden would miss multiple months after suffering a broken elbow in a home accident.


Home accident? That sounds rather vague. Fortunately, Cowboys running back coach Gary Brown shed some light on the situation:

That’s right. McFadden didn’t want to drop his cell phone. Thus, he sacrificed his elbow to save his cell phone.

Worry not, Cowboys fans. McFadden apparently did so for a good reason, according to Brandon George of the Dallas Morning News:

Assuming this is an accurate description of what took place, if McFadden actually bought an Otter Box, he might actually still be healthy.

The 28-year-old McFadden rushed for 1,089 yards in his first season with the Cowboys in 2015. As the likes of Alfred Morris and rookie runner Ezkiel Elliott threaten to steal time away (and probably a starting job) from McFadden, he picked a really bad time to keep his cell phone from hitting the deck.

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