Ben Affleck Destroyed The NFL Over Deflategate On New Bill Simmons Show


Any Given Wednesday with Bill Simmons debuted on HBO Wednesday night. The program featured just two guests – NBA legend and TV analyst Charles Barkley and actor/Boston sympathizer Ben Affleck.

The latter joined Simmons to mostly talk about Deflategate. Affleck, who slurred his words throughout the interview, went on a profanity-laced tirade about the NFL’s mishandling of Tom Brady’s suspension.

It’s a funny and at times a slightly uncomfortable watch as Affleck meanders his way through the interview dropping f-bombs along the way.

“Deflategate is the ultimate bullsh*t, f*cking outrage of sports ever,” said Affleck when he first asked about the controversy.

I’m not sure I’m board with the rest of the interview for the mere fact that he seemed to be off his game. Although, his cell phone point is great one. Why would/should Brady give his cell phone to the NFL, whom routinely leaks items?

Spot on, Ben.

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