Tom Brady

Tom Brady, Julian Edelman Join Celtics In Kevin Durant Recruitment Process


When you need something major done in NBA free agency, the big guns are a necessary evil. Hence, the recent actions of the Boston Celtics, who took a meeting with free agent superstar Kevin Durant during the 4th of July weekend in hopes of landing him.

The Celtics enlisted the help of Tom Brady on Saturday in the Hamptons as the Durant sweepstakes reaches a conclusion.

Brady, who has attended numerous Celtics games during his time as a New England Patriot, was brought in by Celtics management to help sway the tide in favor of Beantown.

Since Saturday, the only accounts of Brady’s performance indicated TB12 “did a very good job.”

After word spread of Brady’s involvement, other Boston sports luminaries chipped in to help as well.

Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman took to Instagram to show his support of KD:

Late last week, Durant met with the Oklahoma City Thunder. Over the fourth of July weekend, he took meetings with the Golden State Warriors, San Antonio Spurs, Los Angeles Clippers, and Miami Heat.

According to reports, he is expected to make a decision within the next 24 hours.

While the Celtics may not be the odds on favorite, grabbing one of Durant’s sports heroes for a meeting is a pretty good idea.

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