Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson Marries Ciara In England

What an interesting week for Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson.

Earlier in the week, his then-fiancée Ciara reportedly grew worried that rapper (and the singer’s ex) was going to kill Wilson.

Of course, nothing was going to stop Wilson from tying the knot – even a potential murder. Wilson and Ciara officially tied the knot on Wednesday in England.

Photos of the event are limited. All guests were required to surrender their phones prior to the ceremony. 

Interesting. If you distrust your guests that much, should they be there in the first place. They could just blame it on the Cloud, I suppose. 

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Anyhow, the pair had been vocal prior to their engagement about abstaining from sex until the time was right.

Such a declaration led to the Internet have some fun at the couple’s expense:

Now, the deal is sealed. Hopefully, Wilson comes up for air by training camp.

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