Random Nonsense

Introducing The Exit 50A Podcast


Hello, citizens of Gotham. I am here to alert you of a new podcast.

The Exit 50A Podcast began its assault on your earbuds this past Friday and features entertaining takes on popular culture, news, politics, and more.

I’ve known Derek, Kaz, and Rob for awhile and they are some crazy cats. So, you’ll be entertained.

All shows will be available on iTunes, including the first one which you can find here. During the first show, they discuss numerous topics including the Zika virus in the Olympics and Russell Wilson/Future drama and why Wilson might need some different friends.

Subscribe and leave a comment.

I’m sure any positive or negative feedback is welcomed. They can deal with the negative stuff for sure.

Worst case scenario is they’ll head to a bar afterward to commiserate. Actually, who am I kidding, they’ll do that anyways.

Give it a listen!

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