Tom Brady

Tom Brady Turns 39 Today. Let’s Celebrate By Watching All Of His Super Bowl Snaps


Tom Brady turns 39 today. Arguably, he is the greatest quarterback of all-time and in the duel of Peyton Manning vs. Tom Brady, it is the Michigan man who is indeed the last man standing.

Yes, Manning had a three-season jump as a starter but this is how I choose to remember things. If Donald Trump can fudge the truth to his advantage and run for President, why can’t I stretch details as well?

Anyhow, we are here to bow at the alter of Mr. Brady today (and most days for that matter) especially since we will be without his greatness for the first four weeks of the season.

Alas, here is every Tom Brady play in his six Super Bowls (yes, unfortunately even the two Giants losses):

Thank you, Tom. Here is to a few more years. Since you will not eat ice cream, I’ll take one for the team and do so in your honor today.

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