Rob Gronkowski

Rob Gronkowski Applauds The Makeout Game Of Usain Bolt

BoltKissRob Gronkowski celebrated the release of Madden NFL 17 and being its cover athlete by releasing a poolside video on Tuesday to express his gratitude.

As the video winded down, Gronkowski took time to congratulate the Olympians that brought home the gold for Team USA.

However, he did take some time to congratulate another Olympic hero. Sprinter Usain Bolt was photographed while making out with a woman at an undisclosed location.

Gronk took time out of his day to congratulate Bolt on his “makeout game” and encouraged him to keep up the good work.

He seemed to be far more impressed with Bolt’s accomplishments than being on the cover of Madden.

It’s clear that Gronk is the player sent from the heavens to completely level off the quiet and reserved nature of most Patriots.

By the way, one of the low key best parts of this video is Snoop and Dr. Dre playing in the background as Gronk is addressing the masses.

He is the gift that keeps on giving.

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