Tony Romo

Tony Romo Gets Hurt In Preseason Appearance; Internet Savagery Begins


Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo wasted little time into the 2016 NFL campaign to suffer an injury.

The Eastern Illinois product left Thursday night’s preseason game in Seattle with an apparent back injury after getting hit from behind in the first quarter.

Romo left the game and was replaced by backup quarterback Dak Prescott, who appears to be opening some eyes in Dallas through his first two preseason appearances.

Of course, once Romo got hurt, the Internet was ready with a pitchfork in hand to savage him.

For example, BroBible posted a picture of a Romo McFarlane figure that had some work done to it:

According to early reports, Romo is fine. However, if we know anything about Romo is going to be hurt again by Week 3.

Save your money for those Dak Prescott jerseys, Cowboys fans.

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