Tom Brady

Tom Brady Channels Early 90s Ric Flair With New Schoolboy Haircut

BradyNewHair.pngNew England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady caused a buzz on Tuesday when he showed up to a press conference after getting a different kind of buzz.

Brady’s new haircut caused a bit of a dust-up on the Internet. Is it a big deal? Absolutely not.

However, it’s hilarious how interested people have become about Brady’s hair basically since he started seeing Gisele Bundchen a decade ago.

He went from being a borderline homeless man during the winter in the early to mid 2000s to being on the cover of GQ.

Anyhow, Brady’s haircut reminds me of a dark era of my childhood…early 90s Ric Flair. Forced into a ridiculous angle as a masked wrestler known as “The Black Scorpion”, Flair had to cut his hair for the angle.

It looked super-awkward:

FlairHairMaybe Brady was bored one day during training camp and googled “1991 Ric Flair” for haircut ideas.

He probably didn’t but one can dream.

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