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The Kevin Harlan Radio Call Of A Drunk Fan Running Onto The Field Is An All-Time Classic

NFL: Los Angeles Rams at San Francisco 49ers

Last night during the fourth quarter of an absolutely dreadful Rams-49ers battle, a fan got loose on the field.

Historically, radio and TV announcers give a cursory reference to such an intrusion and just move on. Luckily, Kevin Harlan was in no such mood last night.

Harlan, who handles the national call for Westwood One of Monday Night Football, provided a dramatic play-by-play of the events. He exclaimed that he was drunk, which may not necessarily have been the case but since Harlan said it, let’s go with it.

Under the circumstances, it’s a professionally handled call that had no reason to actually be professional.

Simply put, Harlan is one of the best to ever get behind a microphone.

It should go down as one of the greatest radio calls of all-time.

Thanks for saving an otherwise horrific game, Mr. Harlan.

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