Washington Redskins

Redskins Coaches Have Poor Bladder Control; Caught Peeing In Gatorade Cup


The Washington Redskins lost to soon-to-be MVP candidate Matthew Stafford and the Detroit Lions in an exciting contest on Sunday.

However, the game has been overshadowed by a report about a Redskins staffer who opted to take a whizz in a cup during Sunday’s contest.

Redskins special teams coordinator Ben Kotwica was caught redhanded relieving himself in a cup.

The odd part of the story is that Kotwica was reportedly one of two coaches who couldn’t hold it until getting to the locker room. That’s right. Another unnamed Redskins coach went to the bathroom on the sideline as well.

Yes, the same organization that gave us Joe Gibbs is now giving us potty time with the Redskins coaching staff.


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