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If The Playoffs Started Today: Tom Brady Is Good At Football Edition

bradybillsSince returning from his four-game suspension, Tom Brady has been on fire. The four-time Super Bowl winner leads the NFL with a 133.9 passer rating.

He has thrown 12 touchdown passes and has yet to thrown an interception. We already knew he was excellent but he is already a lead candidate for MVP.

Brady’s Pats lead the AFC while the Dallas Cowboys are the NFC’s top seed at the moment. Yet, a few things to take stock of after last Sunday’s action.

  • The Vikings have lost two straight and look like they are ready for a plunge.
  • Remember the New York Giants? For the moment, they are the NFC’s #6 seed.
  • I’ll be a little surprised if the current six AFC teams are somehow disrupted.


#1 – New England Patriots (AFC East champion, bye)

#2 – Oakland Raiders (AFC West champion, bye)

#3 – Houston Texans (AFC South champion)

#4 – Pittsburgh Steelers (AFC North champion)

#5  – Kansas City Chiefs (Wild Card)

#6 –  Denver Broncos (Wild Card)


#1 – Dallas Cowboys  (NFC East champion, bye)

#2 – Minnesota Vikings (NFC North champion, bye)

#3 – Seattle Seahawks  (NFC West champion)

#4 – Atlanta Falcons (NFC South champion)

#5 – Green Bay Packers (Wild Card)

#6 – New York Giants (Wild Card)



SATURDAY, JANUARY 7 @ 4:30PM – #5 Kansas City Chiefs at #4 Houston Texans (NBC)

SATURDAY, JANUARY 7 @ 8:00PM – #6 New York Giants at #3 Seattle Seahawks (NBC)

SUNDAY, JANUARY 8 @ 1:00PM – #5 Green Bay Packers at #4 Atlanta Falcons (FOX)

SUNDAY, JANUARY 8 @ 4:30PM – #5 Kansas City Chiefs at #4 Pittsburgh Steelers (CBS)


SATURDAY, JANUARY 14 @ 4:30PM – SEA/ATL/GB at #2 Minnesota Vikings (NBC)

SATURDAY, JANUARY 14 @ 8PM – HOU/PIT/KC at #2 Oakland Raiders (CBS)

SUNDAY, JANUARY 15 @ 1PM – ATL/GB/NYG at #1 Dallas Cowboys (FOX)

SUNDAY, JANUARY 15 @ 4:30PM – PIT/KC/DEN at #1 New England Patriots (CBS)

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