San Diego Chargers

Report: The Chargers Are Moving To Los Angeles


Several sources, including the great Adam Schefter, are reporting the San Diego Chargers will announce a move to Los Angeles on Thursday.

Upon announcing the move, the Chargers will terminate their 55-year relationship with San Diego. Thus, they will play football in Los Angeles for the first time since their inaugural American Football League season in 1960.

Chargers chairman Dean Spanos has waffled over the move before but the team reportedly alerted NFL commissioner Roger Goodell that the franchise will move to Los Angeles for next season.

Meanwhile, Spanos plans to inform Chargers staff that the move will take place.

Of course, the move stems from an inability to strike a new stadium deal in San Diego. It’s unknown where the Chargers will play in 2017.

Here’s one for the road, San Diego.



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