Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys Make A Bandwagon Application Available For Fans


The Dallas Cowboys have been on-fire on the field this season and now, have shown why they are just as incendiary off of it.

Prior to their NFC Divisional playoff game against the Green Bay Packers on Sunday, the Cowboys’ Twitter account posted an application for new fans on Tuesday. To be exact, they are ready to welcome any “bandwagon” fans.

The application queries include asking about the previous team you rooted for and when was your previous stint as a Cowboys fan (a nod to their previous Super Bowl teams).

Thus far, the Cowboys have retweeted some of the responses:

Good work, Dallas.

I’m putting it out there right now. If the Cowboys reach the Super Bowl, I’m hitching my saddle to Dallas on Super Sunday against any AFC team….except New England.

Meanwhile, you can find a printable version of the Cowboys Official Bandwagon Fan application here.

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