Phil Simms

Let’s Remember When Phil Simms Could Play Quarterback


You can find just about anything on You Tube if you look hard enough.

Add a near three-minute musical tribute to Phil Simms set to the sounds of Back in the New York Groove by Kiss.

It has been a rough week for Simms. Earlier this week, it was announced that former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo would supplant Simms as CBS’ top NFL TV analyst alongside Jim Nantz.

To fully understand the levity of that maneuver, consider that only FOUR analysts have held that top spot since 1968 when CBS changed their broadcast team procedure:

  • Pat Summerall
  • Tom Brookshier
  • John Madden
  • Phil Simms

Yes, Romo will join that list. As the great Arn Anderson once said, “remember me how I was, not how I am.”

Thus, here is a Phil Simms instructional video on playing quarterback:

It’s a shame, really. Simms was pretty good on TV at one point and still is serviceable. Yet, the seductive thought of Romo wearing his baseball cap backwards during TV broadcasts was just too much for CBS.

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