Sons Of Wyngate Football Podcast

Sons Of Wyngate Football Podcast: Episode #1 – Elway Drives Broncos To The Super Bowl


The first episode of the Sons of Wyngate Football Podcast travels back to January 11, 1987 for John Elway’s official coming out party – “The Drive”. People may formally know that contest as the AFC Championship Game between the Denver Broncos and Cleveland Browns.

Your host, Joe Montana’s Right Arm, breaks down the mood heading into the big game and much more as the two teams vied for the right to play in Super Bowl XXI…and eventually get whipped by the NFC.

Many key topics are covered on the first show including:

– Why the Broncos may not have actually won this game.

– What controversial play may have dearly cost the Browns.

– What critical break for Denver nearly landed the Broncos with a loss.

– NBC’s fascination with middle-aged and the elderly in key roles on television shows.

All of this and much more in the first episode of the Sons of Wyngate Football Podcast!



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