Cleveland Browns

Sons Of Wyngate Football Podcast: The 1987 AFC Championship Game


Episode 2 of the Sons of Wyngate Football Podcast has arrived. This time, we fast-forward one year later to January 1988 for the rematch between the Cleveland Browns and Denver Broncos.

While it’s the 1987 AFC Championship Game, people may know this game a bit better as “The Fumble.”

Plenty of ground gets covered on this podcast including:

– The 1987 NFL Strike. Find out what players were carrying guns with them as a part of a picketing effort. Also, find out what “Scab” fell asleep in front of a Monday Night Football audience.

– The wild ’87 postseason that saw several NFC favorites fall.

– Learn about what religion Browns owner Art Modell thought Bernie Kosar represented when he drafted him.

– Get Earnest Byner’s thoughts on The Fumble (yeah, it’s pretty depressing).

All of this and much more. Plus, in a special bonus, hear arguably one of the worst songs ever recorded.

It’s another full service edition of the Sons of Wyngate Football Podcast!

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