Denver Broncos

Sergio Dipp Becomes A Household Name During Chargers/Broncos Monday Nighter

SergioDippWhile much of the broadcasting attention for Monday night’s game between San Diego and Denver Broncos went to Beth Mowins becoming the first woman to serve as a play-by-play broadcaster for an NFL game since 1987, someone else stole the show.

Sergio Dipp, of ESPN Deportes and a Spanish-speaking reporter, ended up working sidelines for Mowins and Rex Ryan during Monday’s game. While English is not his primary language, he gave it the old college try.

Mowins and Ryan threw it to him once and the rest as they is history:

Dipp’s cringeworthy debut quickly drew the scorn of the Internet including Twitter, which quickly destroyed the reporter’s U.S. debut:

Keenly aware of his shortcomings, Dipp checked in on Twitter:

God’s speed to your mentions, Sergio.

It’s a jungle out there.


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