San Francisco 49ers

49ers Fans Were Not Interested In Watching Their Team Get Crushed By Carolina


The Carolina Panthers made quick work of the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday in a 23-3 victory.

Perhaps the best news of the day for the 49ers seemed to be that not many fans cared to watch this game in person.

Ann Killion of the San Francisco Chronicle tweeted a photo of the less-than-capacity crowd on hand to watch the Panthers finish off the 49ers:

Between this and the struggles of the Rams in Los Angeles, the NFL has developed some real attendance problems for the team’s that aren’t even close to being competitive.

In fact, the whispers over attendance problems for 49ers games in Santa Clara began last year.

Ultimately, the NFL is eating itself. They want all of this content available to fans come gameday. Between the NFL Network, NFL Game Pass, your living room, bars, and the Red Zone Channel, why would people want to go games?

The problems are only going to get worse…especially for teams that don’t field competitive teams.

Last season, the 49ers finished 21st in attendance. Clearly, today was a wrong step in the wrong direction.

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