Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings Score A Touchdown…And Play Duck Duck Goose To Celebrate


Case Keenum spelled an injured and ineffective Sam Bradford during Monday night’s battle with the Chicago Bears. If not for that, we may have been deprived of the lamest celebration of the young NFL season.

Following a Keenum to Kyle Rudolph touchdown pass, Rudolph rallied the troops in the end zone for a group celebration.

Instead of doing something cool like dancing or dabbing, Rudolph and his teammates opted to play “Duck, Duck Goose,” which probably hasn’t been played in the United States since 1986.

Under the circumstances, I’ll give the Vikings a pass. If my team led 3-2 at halftime of an NFL game, I might act irrationally as well once I scored a touchdown.

Nonetheless, the Vikings need some lessons in cool.

Anyway, a new controversy may be looming for Rudolph. Apparently, in Minnesota the game is known as “Duck Duck Gray Duck.”

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