Philadelphia Eagles

Eagles Fan’s Petition To Get Pete Morelli Banned From Officiating Eagles Games Has Over 55,000 Signatures



After Thursday night’s Eagles/Panthers game that saw Philly hold off Cam Newton late, one Eagles fan had enough of a perceived bias towards the Birds.

Will Philbrick of Little Rock, Arkansas started a petition on to attempt to have referee Pete Morelli banned from officiating Eagles games. Of course, Morelli’s crew presided over last Thursday night’s game.

During Thursday’s game, Morelli’s crew called the Eagles for 10 penalties netting 126 yards. Carolina had just one penalty called against them for one yard in contrast.

Anyone can have an off game, right?

According to Brandon Lee Gowton of Bleeding Green Nation, this was potentially more than a bad day at the office. Morelli and friends have developed quite a track record during Eagles games.

Over a span of the last four Eagles games he has officiated, Morelli has nabbed the Birds for 40 penalties worth 396 yards. Meanwhile, opponents have been called for only eight penalties covering 74 yards.

That is one hell of a coincidence.

I don’t actually believe Morelli has a legit vendetta against the Eagles because to be honest, the Birds haven’t nationally relevant enough to merit that kind of abuse.

The only way it would make some shred of sense is if Morelli hates owner Jeffrey Lurie; is a fan of another NFC East team; or is just a naturally spiteful person that loves penalties.

He may be guilty of having TV Disease (I just made that up), which is the act of just calling a lot of penalties at another team’s expense to be seen on TV.

It would be hilarious if Morelli ended up officiating an Eagles playoff game or two. The fan response would be over the top.

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