New England Patriots

Bridget Moynahan May Have Used Nick Foles To Troll Tom Brady


Everyone wants to be Nick Foles right now. Who can blame them?

Foles and his Super Bowl MVP performance caught the attention of one person in particular. Bridget Moynahan, the ex-girlfriend and mother of one of Tom Brady’s three children, kept a keen eye on last night’s Super Bowl.

Moynahan tweeting about Foles having an amazing game is weird considering her former significant other was on his to burning down the state of Minnesota with his passing performance.

Soon after the game’s conclusion, Moynahan offered up a congratulatory tweet to the Patriots and Eagles. However, this was still a bit too odd.

For the uninitiated, Brady broke up with Moynahan in late 2006 after a two-year relationship that ended before she gave birth to their son.

It was around that time the five-time Super Bowl champion met his current wife, Gisele Bundchen.

Interesting timing for Moynahan’s tweet. I didn’t see any mentions of last year’s Super Bowl from her. I guess I’ll keep looking.


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